One of the more pleasant looking villages in the Dessarin Valley thanks to its many trees, Beliard is home to many cattle ranchers whose herds roam the hills around it, particularly to the east. It surrounds the intersection of the Dessarin Road with the Stone Trail.

The village features a public well, and is home to a tanner, a smith, some horse dealers and trainers who keep extensive stables, and a popular inn called the Watchful Knight. There is a pond near the public well where harnessed horses and oxen can be driven through the water to bathe them, drive off flies, and let them drink.

The Watchful Knight inn was originally named for an inoperative helmed horror that stood in the common room, but the creature mysteriously vanished some years ago. The innkeeper went missing shortly thereafter.

Beliard is home of many retired mercenaries, bodyguards, and adventurers formerly active in Waterdeep and the Heartlands trade routes. After several failed attempts, bandits and brigands avoid attacking or raiding Beliard openly. But because of these retired big-city folk, rumours persist of adventurers and mercenaries having stashed their life savings in various places around the village. So far this has appeared to be just wishful thinking.


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