Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 15

Clearing out the Keep


1492 DR 15th of Kythorn (The Time of Flowers)


map-session-15.jpg The group enters the gates of the keep into the cliff side after a short rest and explore it. They find and release some prisoners, the parents of the boy from the morning were some of the prisoners found and released. After completing clearing out the keep the group decides to take to take the prisoners to Beliard so they can be safe. At Beliard they learn more about the missing Delegation from Mirabar since they had traveled through Beliard on their way to Summit Hall.


The group takes a short rest, then enters into the keep. Within the first main hall they are attacked by gargoyles and monks. They manage to clear out a bunch of cells and free a bunch of people. They encounter a barricks and fight with a small group of Duergar. They find what appears to be a main bedroom and a chest with some gold in it. However the rest of the tunnels deeper into the mountains is destroyed from a long time ago. From there the group decides to travel to Beliard to guard the prisoners that they freed. At Beliard, they learn that the Delegation from Mirabar had passed through town some time ago. The Delegation was on the way to Summit Hall to inter the body of a Knight of Samular. They were last seen about ten miles out of town heading south on the Dessarin Road. A bar wench in the Watchful Knight, saw a monk in a gold gargoyle mask watching the delegation in the the Watchful Knight, but left a few hours before the delegation. There were also reports of sky-blue armor clad knights with white cloaks flying on giant winged birds around Beliard at the time of the leaving of the delegation. The group gets new horses, and then decides to travel south to Summit Hall to see what they can find out next.


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