(PC) Billie Piper


Born to a noble household in Waterdeep in an extremely wealthy family, I was the second born of 4 brothers and sisters. I have an older brother, my sister just younger than me, was born only minutes apart making us identical twins. After that I had another brother. When I was born an old lady told me the prophecy of my death, but only that I would die by disease, didn’t specify when or where, which would have been fine if I had never knew anything about it! But this lady always stared at me as a young child before she passed away. My older brother always teased me about it growing up, trying to wipe is nose on me and chase me with dead animals. That little bastard. I still never thought anything of it until I asked my mother if the story was true, she never said that it was but from the sinking look on her face when I asked the question, I knew it to be true. Since then I have avoided hospitals and any sick people I encounter. My llife isn’t all bad though. I was born to a very wealthy family my mother’s(Jackie) family line engineered most of the designs for the buildings in the upper part of town. Thus she carried on the family trade, she engineers top of the line wagons and carriages for the rich folk who reside in Waterdeep. Which is where she met my Father (Pete), she designed a custom line of wagons for his family, My dad has the best livestock in all of Waterdeep… Actually he has the ONLY livestock in all of Waterdeep. There isnt a common animal he doesn’t own or know exactly where you can go to find.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always wanted to be an adventurer. I wanted to see the world. and Naturally my twin sister did as well. From age 6 on we have always traveled, going all over to the far corners seeing everything worth seeing. At age 10 I met a “boy” well not really a boy he was a Satyr, he always picked on me, but I was always picking on him back. we call each other rivals, but to be honest Micky is the only friend I have truly ever had. When I was 21, Micky and were arguing over something, we were always competing, this was nothing new. But we ran into a clan, and I decided that to settle this disagreement, I would go over and convince them that I was a poor beggar and try to pick one of their pockets in the process. I did not know then, but I was already caught. Micky, being fed up with the argument already agreed and hid in the bushes. so all was going according to plan I even rolled a 20 on my sleight of hand check and winning the argument with “rival”. Well I put the goods that I stole from the guy in my pocket and didn’t think another thing of it. The next morning I woke up with my hands in chains and my parents standing that the doorway to my bedroom. Turns out, the people that I pick pocketed that night were being accused of selling drugs to the teenage boy down the street the day before he died of an overdose. One of the Men that was with them recognised me from my parents fame a fortune and decided that instead of running away they would just pin it on me. I didn’t know what was going on or what I should do. When my sentencing finally came, it was as I feared, since the little boy had died, I would be sentenced to death as well. No one would believe me that I didn’t do it. The only one that did was Mickey, and that night before my sentencing was carried out he broke in an broke me out of jail.

After that Mickey returned to his normal life, I had always want to have my own adventuring anyway. So I set out to clear my name by finding these men and bringing them to confess for their crimes. But since they lived in Waterdeep that was going to be hard to do. I needed to find a way to disguise myself and sneak back in to the city. In the mean time I fled to Candlekeep, and went to the biggest library they had and started to do my research to find out how to hide my true face. I met a Dwarf there who was doing some research that he refused to talk about, so soon after I quit asking. Of our next few years together we came to know each other very well. I even felt comfortable enough to tell him my story, and in return he told me of this cave him and his cousins were looking for… wave cave, or echo something… I didn’t remember. But he was able to tell me that some clerics he has met were able to disguise themselves as other people and even had the ability to disguise there voice. With this knowledge. I had learned all I could from him and set out to find a way I could as well. I ended up joining a clan of clerics that I met just outside of Candlekeep, talk about luck! They had 2 trickery based clerics, which have since taught me everything I know! I have learned quite a lot over the last year from Rose and Noel.

I have since learned that my friend Bildri has reopened a mine in the area. I am going to put my adventures on hold and see if I can meet up with him. I made my way to the lost mines and he was in process of hiring people with one of his cousins to help clear the mine and make it livable/ workable again. I’m glad he succeeded in his venture! He has told me that the group he cleared the mine with could use a new cleric and that I would be able to further my skill with them. I wonder what type of people I will meet on this next adventure.

(PC) Billie Piper

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