(PC) Mudd Gemclump

I'm Mudd!!


Im a Bastard

My mom was a hooker

Raised by my Dad

3 Siblings but they are my half siblings

Im the second born

Jon Snow Of Gnomes

I was Born In a Deep Gnome Home

When i was born there was and eclipse and all the light in the cavern went out(because i would not have been born on the surface)

Dad was a Weapon Master and taught me his skills

Mom was a famous “Yes Lady” (Hence the Hooker thing)

I met Ekalb When i was young and befriended him

My family actually loves me and supports me (WOW!! especially because im a bastard)

I like Exotic stuff and have and expensive taste

I was accused of Murder(was innocent) and was humiliated But had my name cleared by Ulrichs dad? (maybe?)

Ran away from home and lived with drawfs for a while they taught me even more about gems, metals, weapons and armor they were from the battle hammer clan

Im married she runs the shop at home

(PC) Mudd Gemclump

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