(PC) Erarlazar Dogwood

Nuke it!


My name is Erarlazar Dogwood, Erar to those I call friend. I come from Tymanthar, a small village but not quite. Born a twin, a sister, Zabrucus. With four other siblings not including my twin. My sister and I were born in a wizard’s laboratory where our mother gave her last breath to us. We do not know his intentions but we found ourselves attuned with magical abilities. My sister was drawn in by the beauty of nature and eventually becoming a druid. Where I found myself craving for knowledge and power in ancient books and scripts. Details about the wizard, his lab, my father’s involvement are still unknown. Why it is kept from us is maddening. I will find out.

We lived with our father until I was the age of five. Our father ran a tavern and inn which supported a comfortable, stable life. All of it was shattered when he was branded an outlaw on trumpeted up charges for killing the prince’s livestock. The only option for my Father was to run.

From there the family broke apart. My siblings and my twin drifted apart. For those that stuck around we lived with our grandparents. I did the best I could at age eight to running the tavern and inn. But within the same year I almost died of a sickness that swiftly brought death to so many others.

A year after, at nine, my twin finally found her way home.

Winter, at the age of 14 my father returns. He not only returns but is honored by the new baron. Nicknamed the “Dire wolf of Tymanthar”, he overthrew the corrupt prince and taken order. The details of what exactly our father did are still hidden from us.

During that year, I over hear some interesting information working in the tavern. The location of a massive treasure became known to me. Unfortunately, it is held by the rivalry clan, the Belladonna clan, we have a blood feud with. The source of why our village is never at peace.

My life took a dark path for a while at the age of 18. My connections with my friends we establish an organization of crime. I laundered stolen goods and money through the tavern. At one point I was forced to into committing robbery under threat of harm to my family. The low point was getting caught in the act. It could have been much worse but I served a short sentence in jail. I lead a clean life but the organization I help establish and the friends and associates still recognize me as a high standing member.

After all my time spent working in the tavern and inn my father decided to finally retire and passed on ownership to me.

However, ever since the return Zab, spending so much time with her I got infected with her adventuring addiction. Just before leaving with my sister on our own adventure. I take a small adventure of my own with a close friend, Thane DarFire. Exploring ancient ruins I come into ownership of a book. Still working on deciphering all the book’s content but from what I have; it is filled with forgotten knowledge, secrets, power considered by some to be wicked and evil. Destroy it? No, I have every intention to unlock and harness the power for myself.

(PC) Erarlazar Dogwood

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